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what's Oil for? part 2

As we discussed before.....


If there was no land.....

What is the USA defending?

So, the US spends a fortune on defence.....

Tectonic Evolution. Or.... Evolution on a Plate.

Does the movement of the Earth's tectonic plates, directly influence the rate and intensity of evolution?

Downtown Doughnut Town.

Bellingham: the little town with the hole in the middle.

What's the point really in Bellingham even having a downtown? Does anyone really need it any more? Sure, it gets used but it's like manned by a skeleton crew all hankering for the good old days. The real businesses seem to inhabit the spokes of the doughnut and continue outward towards the crust. Bellingham has a toy downtown. Instead of vibrancy there is a derelict museum feel to it all. the core is comprised of a patchwork of random interesting quirks with no trace of solidarity. Reminds me like two Buskers showing up by accident for the same pitch. Making a go of it but know that they're not getting rich today.

Would it be missed if someone just leveled it and left it for dead? I'm not a big fan of useless downtowns. I like pedestrian zones full of cafes, shops and strollers. Sadly that's not caught on here in the States. If one is proposed, all anyone ever asks is "But where will we park?" and that kills all prospects of progress on the spot.

Enjoy your malls Bellingham. 

What a waste.


So Washington declares Marajuana legal and Hawkwind show up in town a week later. Mmm? Coincidence?

Back in the USA

So we are back......  Obama.....

Melting ice Caps

Water water everywhere......

Rhino Farm

Rhino's killed for their horns.....

modern Names

The Modern name.....

Wee Tournie

Scottish Football and the St Andrews cup?

Guns R Us

Guns are us......

Saving Scottish Football Again

Scottish Football.

Yes here we are again trying to improve the sorry state of Scottish football.


goya versus the Cave paintings

You would imagine that the paintings of 20,000 years ago would portray a lot more grewsome detail compared with modern art. After all, we live in civilised times. Don't we? But the nameless artists of the cro magnon blue period painted reasonably tranquil scenes. Whereas relatively modern artists like Goya and Bacon, fairly wallow in blood.

To me this seems to say that the hunters of old must have taken a life of toil and blood in their stride. Life and death. The eternal circle. Hunt, kill, eat, mate, draw a few pictures. life was basic. Dreams were in the future.

Goya started off painting fairly normal pictures till the war came and scared the hell out of him. His paintings changed overnight from everyday subject matter handled in a leasurely manner to sudden nightmarish scenes of screaming debauchery of every imaginable kind.

What does it mean? 

I don't think Goya was thinking of the commercial market as he painted his frightful imagery. I think he was exorcising his soul.

War was new to Goya. It's horrors shattered his view of life forever.

So either cro-magnon art man just got on with it or else life was fairly routine back in the day. 


Gotta go.


The famous american deficit.

Beg or Steal

Is it better to beg ot to steal? I guess begging is the more honest of the two. So why is a thief awarded more respect than a beggar? Maybe he stole it. There's not much glamour in begging.

Snow Ploughs and Parallel Parking

Could postal trucks be fitted with snow ploughs for getting into side streets during snow storms? The Postal Service must have a fair sized fleet that would be driving those routes anyway. I'm sure there are logistical reasons to do with weight of accumulated snow versus weight of postal trucks that make this idea impossible but it seems like a fairly reasonable idea. Even it they only ploughed shallow snow on a few streets, it would all help. Just thinking out loud. Also why hasn't anyone yet invented the car that can parallel park by simply driving sideways 90 degrees. Do away with all that backing and forwarding. A car should be able to drive up beside a kirb parking, turn the wheels to 90 digrees and then drive sideways crab style into the space. Like I said, I'm just thinking out loud.

untapped energy

I wonder how much energy could be harvested if gymnasiums hooked all their exercise machines up to the grid. Think on it. Every day,there are thousands of people pumping like mad for nothing. We could harness all that kinetic energy and turn it into electricity. Who knows, maybe we could power a whole town for next to mothing. If it worked, then we could apply the same technology to playgrounds' swings and roundabouts. Have fun, get fit, save the environment and reduce your bills. Not a bad deal. We would have become a hamster society. Which is ok in Bellingham as this town is full of hamsters already. Belling Hamsters. What do you think?


What's the difference between the right to assemble and the right to loiter?

Click here if your even remotely interested in rescuing this filthy dying planet from self destructi

Sometimes I see the carefree destruction going on around me and I think maybe I'm imagining it or I'm over reacting. It's not getting better is it? I mean they weren't strip mining mountains a hundred years ago. There weren't oil spills wiping out eco systems. There weren't 7 billion poops needing sorted every day. There weren't so many animals hanging on to existance by a claw. They weren't testing nuclear weapons in the pacific back a century ago. Sprawl wasn't happening in the blink of an eye. I could go on all day. Could you? Or is it just me?

creating a minimum wage for musicians

Why shouldn't there be one? is there one? if there is, then I'd say it's largely ignored. What's so hard about paying musicians for their time at least. Individual contracts of larger sums could still be worked out but the minimum wage should still exist. If bar owners were bound to pay 10 dollars an hour including the hour prior to the show and after the show, they would think twice about starting a music bar that pays all staff except the musician. A few bars might end up doing away with music and for a while the scene would be bleak but eventually the music would creep back. It would be higher quality and be played by non frustrated musicians. It wouldn't be big money but at least an average musician would be on par with the dishwasher. So many gigs in this town pay their musicians with a free meal. I can get the same deal at the Salvation Army and wouldn't have to sing. I've seen the bar owner's dog lie around sleeping all evening. Even he gets a free meal. You can picture it. Me and the dog, Chewing in a corner. I feel a painting coming on.

Best day

Do you believe the best day of your life has past or is it still to come? Is your life half over or half begun?


Dinosaurs have no common names. Only latin names. Yet we are led to believe that they were mostly gone by the time the Romans showed up. But surely this is evidence that the Romans were around a lot longer than was originally thought. Romasapiens?

Heat and Evolution Rate

Is the rate of evolution defined by temperature? Can a species change to a subspecies and back as the environment dictates? Did the Mega Fauna disappear or merely alter their state? A domestic pig apparently reverts to a wild boar in a few generations if left unmeddled. Generally that would involve becoming, hairier, fiercer, better camouflaged, and developing a better sense of smell. All this by simply making life a little more uncertain and dependant on the elements. Water, changes to ice and back. Who is to say which state is its natural state? But life in water develops fins. Life on ice develops feet and fur. Could evolution have foresight and anticipate these weather changes and have inbuilt genetic on/off adaptation switches? It seems evolution never stops but If the planet's temperature stablized would evolution slowly grind to a halt? No idea. Just raving.

Megafauna Extinction

Well there's a lot of talk of how Man appeared and the Megafauna disappeared. How did a race of men with sticks and stones kill off all those big guys? Or did he? It's all speculation. Circumstantial evidence. I doubt Man directly attacked and wiped them out but is it not possible that he had an effect on another smaller animal a little further down the food chain that may have caused a chaotic swing of natural imbalance. For example killing all the deer and thus starving fellow predators. Verdict? Indirect Megafauna-slaughter not murder. Just a thought.

Intelligence? What's that? Just enough.

So who is the smartest? What's the standard? Nature doesn't go to extremes without a process. A cheetah is the fastest land animal but it's still just fast enough to catch its dinner. It hasn't this incredible athleticism so that it can catch tortoises. It lives in a niche: preying on creatures that other predators often fail to catch. How fast is it? Just fast enough. And that appears to be natures way. There's a space for everything. A job skill for that one species. How much intelligence is needed and given out? Just enough. In that respect, an ant has just enough brains to perform its job. It is as alive as anything else. We are all just as alive. The Irish Elk had huge antlers. They were obsolete. The Irish Elk died out. The antlers were more than "Just Enough." That line went out of production. Scientists seem to love measuring intelligence in primates. Is that just a commercial thing? Is it easier to get a grant? If I were to stick a chimp in a classroom, I'm almost sure it would cause havoc. Stick a dog in a classroom and I bet it would eventually find a quiet spot and observe. Who's smarter there? Most animals would search for an exit first. A bird would head straight for the window. Perhaps we all share one great intellectual equality. We hate captivity. In our natural habitats we are all equally just smart enough.

Extinctions: Take one for the team.

It seems extinctions come and go. They wipe out entire populations of species yet the food chain survives. So far nothing has killed everything. This might suggest that culling is a matter of over all survival. Did the Mammoths and Dinosaurs take one for the team? Not willingly I'm pretty sure. Is it a question of substitution? Who is the opposition?

What's wrong with depopulation?

In a world that's stretched to the limits trying to feed a massive amount of humans, why don't we think more seriously about depopulation? I'm not talking about genocide, I'm talking about mathematics. In a black and white hypothetical arguement, how much dent would be made in 8 billion if no babies were born for 10 years. I've no idea but maybe someone else can figure it out while I move on. So with a declining population, that leaves space, time and less pressure on other species to recover. Species like Salmon and tuna for example. More later. Gotta go. The odd thing is everyone seems very distrustful of the idea. I guess China didn't set a very good example. No one would have to give up much. They'd only have to postpone their baby. After all most folks have already waited about 20 years. It would not be illegal to have kids but rather it should be an incentive to an improved standard of living for the entire planet. Unemployment would fall. Trade would stabalize. Pollution would decrease. Wildlife populations would rise. Open spaces would widen. Overall political strife and stress would territorial agression would ease. Of course that's the Utopian outlook but even if that was only half true then it would still be incredible. Humans are the biggest problem on this planet. Gradual Depopulation could bring us all back from the brink. The best bit is that no one really has to do anything. In fact doing nothing would be the basis of the project. The brink is closer every day. And it's a big brink. A Niagara style brink. It's going to take a special barrel to take us over the edge. And then a big long pole to hook us out. Ten years forward is the blink of an eye. Ten years back is a long slog.

What's Wild

What's really wild these days in the USA? Recently we were up in Glacier National Park. For sure it's stunning. We saw bears and glaciers and big horn sheep and mountains galore. It was wild but undoubtably a dampened down wilderness. Every hike we were on was like a parade of hikers. Barely a minute passed when we were not in view of another party of hikers. Seemed that last time I was there (1994) it was a lot wilder. Yet back then I never saw a single bear. This time I saw four. Is the park becoming overrun? It felt like a glorified safari park. Still, it was a great trip. No doubt about it.

Not much of a blogger

I'm not much of a blogger. Occasionally I scribble something off the top of my head and post it online. So far no one has taken any notice. I can't really say I care.

Neilston Juniors

Will Neilston Juniors get relegated? What went wrong? What went right?


Do whales and dolphins have a sense of smell? Is that blow hole just for breathing? Do I look worried?

tiger Tiger

Only 3200 tigers in the wild. That can't be good. 8 billion humans.


Are we putting too much faith in our scientists? Do we really believe they are going to save us from our suicidal march to self destruction? It's a big ask. I doubt science will save us in the end. Ultimately the world will grind to a halt. When everything but the simple obvious solution has been tried, then we'll start on the reversal of our fates. The problems are staring us in the face and have been for 50 years. too many people, too much polution, too many cars, too much greed. An enforced, involuntary shift in prioritys is needed. Same old same old. Are we putting our faith in science or science fiction? What do you think? Answer if you dare.

Busking or gigging

Step up or a step down? Sure I'd much rather gig and tour with a rock and roll band. But would it pay? I'd just as happy hitch hike down the Pacific coast to California and play some coffee shops or busk in any little beach town. Maybe I'd camp on the beach every night and earn enough to get by every day. I can gig here but there's no adventure in it. There is only the gig and the go home. I can't say I loved busking. I enjoyed it once I got started and I enjoyed it when it was over. Busking does keep you on your toes. I liked the life. Full time busking is a hidden culture. Summer buskers come and go and barely scratch the surface which suits the full time busker fine. A gig offers a certain security whereas busking profits vary. But I must say I've often been payed nothing for a gig but I've never made nothing from busking. These days gigs aren't paying. Most work out at less than minimum wage. Dishwashers are making more than the musicians. I've worked as a dishwasher. On day one, the boss man said. "pull this lever to open the machine. Stick the dishes in. Pull lever again to close it. repeat and stack." Minimum wage. I'd been playing guitar for 10 years before I even thought about playing a gig. I learned lyrics, chords, and basic mainainance. I took lessons, I played in a dozen bands, learning lead, bass, and various other instruments. I could play a thousand songs for most occasions. Over the years I gathered vast experience. Now I gig and I'm lucky to walk out with a cup of coffee.

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