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Back in the USA

So. we are back. Why? I don't know. I guess we had some knots to unravel or tighten.


Obama is still being bushwhacked by Republicans and  Mad Hatter Tea Party people. Those folks are like mosquitoes. Obama has given up swatting them and ignores them from behind his political screen door.

These tea folk and current republicans will go down in history as greedy bastards. Obama will go down in history as the first coloured President of the USA. He won two terms and the Nobel peace prize. He passed the Affordable Health care Act (sic) despite a mountain of opposition from across the political aisle.

Republicans generally refer to the Affordable Health Care Act as Obamacare. It is meant to sound derogative. If the health care act proves successful, I wonder how long it will take the Republicans and their affiliates to drop the Obama moniker from the health care act. 

Did you miss me Obama? I doubt it.


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