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Busking or gigging

Step up or a step down? Sure I'd much rather gig and tour with a rock and roll band. But would it pay? I'd just as happy hitch hike down the Pacific coast to California and play some coffee shops or busk in any little beach town. Maybe I'd camp on the beach every night and earn enough to get by every day. I can gig here but there's no adventure in it. There is only the gig and the go home. I can't say I loved busking. I enjoyed it once I got started and I enjoyed it when it was over. Busking does keep you on your toes. I liked the life. Full time busking is a hidden culture. Summer buskers come and go and barely scratch the surface which suits the full time busker fine. A gig offers a certain security whereas busking profits vary. But I must say I've often been payed nothing for a gig but I've never made nothing from busking. These days gigs aren't paying. Most work out at less than minimum wage. Dishwashers are making more than the musicians. I've worked as a dishwasher. On day one, the boss man said. "pull this lever to open the machine. Stick the dishes in. Pull lever again to close it. repeat and stack." Minimum wage. I'd been playing guitar for 10 years before I even thought about playing a gig. I learned lyrics, chords, and basic mainainance. I took lessons, I played in a dozen bands, learning lead, bass, and various other instruments. I could play a thousand songs for most occasions. Over the years I gathered vast experience. Now I gig and I'm lucky to walk out with a cup of coffee.
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