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creating a minimum wage for musicians

Why shouldn't there be one? is there one? if there is, then I'd say it's largely ignored. What's so hard about paying musicians for their time at least. Individual contracts of larger sums could still be worked out but the minimum wage should still exist. If bar owners were bound to pay 10 dollars an hour including the hour prior to the show and after the show, they would think twice about starting a music bar that pays all staff except the musician. A few bars might end up doing away with music and for a while the scene would be bleak but eventually the music would creep back. It would be higher quality and be played by non frustrated musicians. It wouldn't be big money but at least an average musician would be on par with the dishwasher. So many gigs in this town pay their musicians with a free meal. I can get the same deal at the Salvation Army and wouldn't have to sing. I've seen the bar owner's dog lie around sleeping all evening. Even he gets a free meal. You can picture it. Me and the dog, Chewing in a corner. I feel a painting coming on.
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