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Downtown Doughnut Town.

Bellingham: the little town with the hole in the middle.

What's the point really in Bellingham even having a downtown? Does anyone really need it any more? Sure, it gets used but it's like manned by a skeleton crew all hankering for the good old days. The real businesses seem to inhabit the spokes of the doughnut and continue outward towards the crust. Bellingham has a toy downtown. Instead of vibrancy there is a derelict museum feel to it all. the core is comprised of a patchwork of random interesting quirks with no trace of solidarity. Reminds me like two Buskers showing up by accident for the same pitch. Making a go of it but know that they're not getting rich today.

Would it be missed if someone just leveled it and left it for dead? I'm not a big fan of useless downtowns. I like pedestrian zones full of cafes, shops and strollers. Sadly that's not caught on here in the States. If one is proposed, all anyone ever asks is "But where will we park?" and that kills all prospects of progress on the spot.

Enjoy your malls Bellingham. 

What a waste.

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