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goya versus the Cave paintings

You would imagine that the paintings of 20,000 years ago would portray a lot more grewsome detail compared with modern art. After all, we live in civilised times. Don't we? But the nameless artists of the cro magnon blue period painted reasonably tranquil scenes. Whereas relatively modern artists like Goya and Bacon, fairly wallow in blood.

To me this seems to say that the hunters of old must have taken a life of toil and blood in their stride. Life and death. The eternal circle. Hunt, kill, eat, mate, draw a few pictures. life was basic. Dreams were in the future.

Goya started off painting fairly normal pictures till the war came and scared the hell out of him. His paintings changed overnight from everyday subject matter handled in a leasurely manner to sudden nightmarish scenes of screaming debauchery of every imaginable kind.

What does it mean? 

I don't think Goya was thinking of the commercial market as he painted his frightful imagery. I think he was exorcising his soul.

War was new to Goya. It's horrors shattered his view of life forever.

So either cro-magnon art man just got on with it or else life was fairly routine back in the day. 


Gotta go.

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