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Guns R Us

Another School shooting.

Once more we hear a million ways to stop this happening again. The only idea that seems impossible is removing guns from the equation. It has become clear that certain powers that be are not looking for solutions, they are looking for excuses and alibis.

Pro-gun spokesmen talk their way around it to incredible lengths but the gun control laws are becoming a massive embarrassing white elephant right in front of everybodys eyes.

Some say, "This isn't the time to talk about it". But with another school full of dead children and every chance of the deed happening again, when is the time to talk about it?

Americans love their constitution. They hold it in as much esteem as the bible. But like the bible it is very old and open to interpretation. Much of it has become outdated. The right to bear arms was a fine thing when people used guns as necessary tools.

Historically guns in towns have never mixed well. I think guns and gun owners need space.

I have never owned a gun. I have fired a few. It was fun but not much more fun than playing darts. But that's a personal opinion.


I've heard it said that even making a crime just a tiny bit harder to commit can massively reduce crime.

I suggest placing all gun shops within police stations. The shops would not be run by the police. I could imagine that anyone with a dodgy background or with criminal intent might think twice about entering the gun shop to purchase a gun. And any friend they sent in their place to buy it for them would surely question why the purchaser was so shy about going to buy it himself.

It might help. It might not. But I believe the holy constitution would not have been violated.

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