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Intelligence? What's that? Just enough.

So who is the smartest? What's the standard? Nature doesn't go to extremes without a process. A cheetah is the fastest land animal but it's still just fast enough to catch its dinner. It hasn't got this incredible athleticism so that it can catch tortoises. It lives in a niche: preying on creatures that other predators often fail to catch. How fast is it? Just fast enough. And that appears to be nature's way. There's a space for everything. A job skill for that one species. How much intelligence is needed and given out? Just enough. In that respect, an ant has just enough brains to perform its job. It is as alive as anything else. We are all just as alive. The Irish Elk had huge antlers. They were obsolete. The Irish Elk died out. The antlers were more than "Just Enough." That line went out of production. Scientists seem to love measuring intelligence in primates. Is that just a commercial thing? Is it easier to get a grant? If I were to stick a chimp in a classroom, I'm almost sure it would cause havoc. Stick a dog in a classroom and I bet it would eventually find a quiet spot and observe. Who's smarter there? Most animals would search for an exit first. A bird would head straight for the window. Perhaps we all share one great intellectual equality. We hate captivity. In our natural habitats we are all equally just smart enough.

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