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modern Names

Names, especially last names were often references to peoples' trades. like for example, "Tom Carpenter" or "Robert Zimmerman" (German word for a Joiner).

Mick Jagger: that name was probably Germanic too; coming from "Jaeger" a hunter. Jaegermeister was the master of the hunt.

Anyway these are old traditional names like Smith. What would the equivelant of Smith be these days? Manufacturer? John Manufacturer. a good solid name.

But what about this modern age of ever changing technology? New skills are being asked for every day. Will the names change accordingly? There must be litterally thousands of new potential names out there. Names unthinkable a mere 20 years ago.

For example, John Computerprogramerson or Glenda Astronaut. Obviously descended from the Plentagolistamental Juggernauts.

Or what about Timothy Micro-chipinspector? Or Ariel MacFlatscreenTVrepairman? Eric Old-CD recycle-plantman.

Jim Forest would be Jim Clearcut. Bob Farmer would now be Bob Housingscheme-Developer. 

Makes ye think.





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