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Wee Tournie


Here's another idea to make Scottish football more interesting.

Imagining the teams in the league play each other 4 times.

Essentially that's 4 rounds of games.

 If every 9 game section was treated as a mini-season, we could potentially have 4 different winners.

In years when this occurs, we could have a 4 team tournament for a wee cup.

This tournament would have no bearing on the final outcome of the league but it would give teams something to play for all season.

For example a team that never won a game all season could win their last nine and find themselves in the play offs for the cup even though they get relegated.

If the teams only play 3 rounds of 9 in a season then we'd have to find a best runner-up to make up the 4th semi finalist.

What to call this cup? The St Andrews Cup? For the 4 corners of the flag.

Just a thought.



Sam H June 05, 2013 @02:28 pm

You are onto something here! Think you should bring this to the SFA! So if one team wins all the quarters would the second place that quarter qualify for the play off?

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