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What's wrong with depopulation?

In a world that's stretched to the limits trying to feed a massive amount of humans, why don't we think more seriously about depopulation? I'm not talking about genocide, I'm talking about mathematics. In a black and white hypothetical arguement, how much dent would be made in 8 billion if no babies were born for 10 years. I've no idea but maybe someone else can figure it out while I move on. So with a declining population, that leaves space, time and less pressure on other species to recover. Species like Salmon and tuna for example. More later. Gotta go. The odd thing is everyone seems very distrustful of the idea. I guess China didn't set a very good example. No one would have to give up much. They'd only have to postpone their baby. After all most folks have already waited about 20 years. It would not be illegal to have kids but rather it should be an incentive to an improved standard of living for the entire planet. Unemployment would fall. Trade would stabalize. Pollution would decrease. Wildlife populations would rise. Open spaces would widen. Overall political strife and stress would territorial agression would ease. Of course that's the Utopian outlook but even if that was only half true then it would still be incredible. Humans are the biggest problem on this planet. Gradual Depopulation could bring us all back from the brink. The best bit is that no one really has to do anything. In fact doing nothing would be the basis of the project. The brink is closer every day. And it's a big brink. A Niagara style brink. It's going to take a special barrel to take us over the edge. And then a big long pole to hook us out. Ten years forward is the blink of an eye. Ten years back is a long slog.
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