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If you are a musician and wish to have your CD reviewed, simply buy any one of my CDs and send me a basic copy of your work. No need to send cases and labels or even the official CD. Just send a home burnt copy to the address I'll give you on request.

This offer is aimed specifically at folk and blues artists as that is what I'm most qualified to write about.

Reviews are important for any artist but they're not always easy to get. I think this is a fair offer. In fact it's an excellent offer.

I have previously written reviews and critiques for Songsalive.

I look forward to hearing from you.



 PS. I won't spam you. Please don't spam me.

How to BUY James Higgins CDs

The best site to buy my CDs is However, individual tracks from many (but not all) of these CDs can be purchased from iTunes, Rhapsody or any of the other popular digital distribution sales channels.

The Signal Man's Leap

Cave Paintings

Lavender and Gasoline





Passing Story

Verse, Chorus, Train

Drop in a Fall

Sad Heart of Verdun

Crawling out the Woodwork