Welcome to the homepage of James Higgins - Musical Litterbug and Artistic Fidget.


Musician, singer/songrwiter, eternal art student, writer, busker, rustic furniture maker, dog trainer, and no doubt some other dodgy stuff too.


By the way, Sam took this fine photo of me and Huck. (That's me on the right).

Thank you Sam.

P.S. This page doesn't change very often, but within this site, there's always some new piece of prose or art every few days. Don't be shy. The door is open.



This site contains a lot of fun info. It's been on the air for several years now and its content has slowly swelled. So there's plenty to look at.

The gig Journals go back about 5 years. Each gig is essentially a short story. Many of them hark back to my years as a continental busker and growing up in Scotland.

Meanderings: These are small tales or musings that are usually music related but have been known to leave the beaten track and forage into unknown territory.

Blog: Generally I like to put forward an idea or a notion and (as Mary in Portland would say), "put it out there". Feel free to comment.

Sketch Pad: I have always been a doodler. Everywhere I travel I have tried to make some sketches. Often I used the nearest or cheapest materials. I've put a few up here but there are literally hundreds and hundreds if not thousands more.

Rustic Art: I did the Vandange back in 96 and that was when I first nailed some old vines together and built a table. Since then I've built a lot more rustic stuff including musical instruments, bird ornaments and tables and chairs. So I thought I'd share a few pictures of my handiwork.

The site also features access to loads of live videos of James Higgins and The Muddy Boots Band.

There are also recordings of unreleased "Bootleg material". Mainly these are songs that didn't quite make it onto official CDs but I felt still had something to offer.

Last but not least, I have about 10 official CDs available via cdbaby.com

Most of these CDs are generally acoustic though one or two are more electric. Many feature rustic instruments such as wash tub basses, jambos and cazumpets. Some have fiddle and double bass. I guess that over the years an underlying style has emerged. The presentation changes but I'm sure by now, my signature is fairly recognisable. I think it's honest music based on true life. And it's quite spooky too.

Yes indeed, it's still possible to "Rock out" on a wash tub bass and a meat baster drum kit.

 Well that's about it. Take a wee tour and let me know what you think.

Thanks for dropping by.