Montmorillon, France

Montmorillon. With our 2 year stint in Germany now behind us....

Quick Turkish reconnaissance

It went like this.....

Burghausen to Budapest

George, (Hil's Father), came a-calling from the USA.

Short Trip to Cesky Crumlov

This was my 3rd visit...

Operation Save CDs

Please don't let them euthenize my music. 

The Signal Man's Leap. Oct. 2012.

I imagine this might be a good place to mention that I have another CD about ready for human consumption. It's called The Signal Man's Leap. It's actually been ready for months but due to technicalities it got delayed.

It's still delayed but we have moved from a stand-still to a slow crawl. We are progressing.

I'll keep you posted. Hopefully we will be ready within the month. (Yea right).



Slovenia, Bled and.....Georgie Best?

Slovenian Trip.

Popes, Dictators and Mozart.

a few days ago...

The Gig That Wasn't.

The Hospice Gig in the Harp

Back to Christiania

If it takes until I'm ancient, I'll be Christiana bound....

Earth Day 2011

Did you touch the Earth today?


A New CD

Lavender and Gasoline.

I guess I forgot to mention that I put out a new CD a while back. I think it was in September.

Well it's called Lavender and Gasoline and it's a fairly spooky affair.

Someone once asked me why I always left all the best bits off my CDs.

On the Passing of Dave

I really don't know what to say but I guess I should say something. When we first arrived in Regensburg, we often went to see Dave's band, The Fiascos, play at the Harp. They formed part of the first impressions we had of Regensburg. When we left, Dave let us host our going away party at Gallagher's and what a party it was! And in between that time, it really was an 8-year pub crawl for us. 

What's Oil For?

What's Oil Really For? It's a fair bet that oil wasn't put on this earth to fuel cars. It was here long before there were cars though it may not be here when the cars are gone. There sure was a lot of it. Mother Nature spent a lot of energy producing it. It's hard to believe that it didn't serve some useful function.

Earth Day

Did you touch the Earth today? Every day is Earth Day. Except Sunday which is... well it's Sun day.

Cave Painting

Experts agree that copying the masters


Teaching. Sammish Woods Montessori School 23rd March till April 1st I am not a teacher and I don't pretend to be one either. I have no teaching qualifications whatsoever. I do have some experience teaching individual guitar lessons but I have never taught a whole class at one time. .


Harmonicas Blues. "Capital, investment, profit". That was Frank's motto, or so he said as we stood freezing down the Annecy subway. He was talking about the merits of harmonicas. I was thinking about 

Cow Drums


 Since I wrote this, my sister has moved house......

My sister lives in La Loge in an old farmhouse in the official middle of French Nowhere. It's very peaceful there. Hardly a car passes by all day. So how the cat managed to get itself run over, I don't know. I suspect the baker may know something about it. 



 I have always been fascinated with wildlife. As a child I had countless toy animals and every Christmas I was presented with heaps of animal books. Not kid books either. Real text books filled with Latin names and weights and measurements and facts of life.

The Case for Cheap instruments Over Expensive ones

The Case for the cheap Instrument over the expensive. If I wasn't broke, would I record any differently? Would I still be drawn to old broken instruments or would I suddenly want expensive Gibsons, Martins, and Rickenbackers?

Stars and Holidays

Stars and Holidays.

 I was doing a quiz about planets and stuff with my 4 year old son.

 I found myself amazed by his knowledge of the universe. I certainly didn't know this stuff when I was his age.

The Faceless Winter Olympics

To the non skier, the Winter Olympics can come across as a rather repetitive and boring spectacle. Why? Because they are faceless. Almost every competitor is clothed identically in layers of thermal scuba diving gear and gloves and goggles. They could as easily be the Teletubbies or terrorists.

How to Build and Play a Washtub Bass

My good friend Carlos returned from a trip to Cuba a few years back and was inspired by the local musicians to build a wash tub. After I played a few notes on it, I was smitten

Earth Day 2009_

Earth Day 2009. Did you touch the planet today?

Brief Scottish History Lesson

Brief Scottish History Lesson. 122 AD: The Picts, the original unwashed hordes, are running around the countryside, showing off their tattoos.

Economic Crisis. Take 1

As America weeps in her beer over the loss of the entire country's life savings, how can the average citizen still have any trust in the system that gives them nothing?

The Downtown Area Open Mic Night. Bellingham.

In Bellingham there are regular open mic events almost on a daily basis. 

Saving Scottish Football

I guess we discuss all kinds of things on here. In the wake of Scotland's teams exiting European football without having won a single game, serious revolutionary solutions must be sought

Pictures of the Hundred Acre Woods.

Me and Huck the dog spent a lot of time in the Hundred Acre Woods. They are a little known but very special part of Bellingham that have been a great source of enjoyment and relaxation to us over the years.

Perambulating thoughts on the Road to California.

As we headed south from Bellingham on the Interstate 5, the weather grew steadily milder.

New CD

I guess I should mention that there's a new CD out. It's called Driftwood and is available on line through cdbaby. Tell your friends.

Recording Progress

My newest CD is waiting for a few last tracks to be mixed down. There was a delay over a piece of software but that hitch is almost ironed out. Then again, I've been saying that for months now.

Pandering, Lies, and Wee Johnny the Cat. Raving.

The world moves on. The U.S. stagnates. Don't think the rest of the world commits suicide just because America does. America is being left behind.

Carbon Emission Moment

I saw a recent article that claimed that traffic at roundabouts caused 42% less carbon emissions than traffic waiting at traffic lights. Imagine a simple white line was painted across the lanes on busy intersections, perhaps 10 car lengths back from the traffic lights. Imagine that any car after that line was obliged to shut off its engine until the light was green. Could this help reduce carbon emissions at least within city limits? A simple idea. A bit of white paint.


Well we all went out to Charlie's place over on Gooseberry Point ...

Spooky and Fun

Fun is a word that appears a lot in these pages. Don't be alarmed.

Mark Flanders. Ace politition

Well here is some real news. .....

Smoking to Non-Smoking

Someone asked me to write about an important life changing day in my life.

Washtub News

It feels like I've just about finished putting together a new CD.

Earth Day

Here in the USA, people really do drive a lot. I had been told about this phenomenon before I moved here, but I always thought it was an exaggeration.


No news is good news.

Do the Neilston Quiz.

1. What is Neilston?

Bad Gig? No Such Thing. Czechoslovakia around 1990.

Bad gigs are, of course far more interesting than good gigs.

Lip Reading History.

There must be so much silent historical film footage of political rallys, sports events, factory strikes and warfare and the likes, scattered about the world.

The Busker. A Man for all Seasons

For the full time busker, winter is split cleanly and abruptly in two.

Whiskey in the Jar

If any tune was up for the Buskers National Anthem award, surely it must be Whiskey in the Jar.

Rustic Furniture

The entire process of building rustic furniture is fun. Especially when you live out on the Pacific North West.

A Package in the Post

Went down to the mail box this afternoon to clear out the junk mail. But lo and behold, there was a little brown package waiting for me.

sketch pads and Cameras...

It was back around 1981, I first applied to Art School. There were two main reasons why I wasn't accepted.

Karst Caves in Slovenia.

The Karst Caves in Slovenia around 1996.

Trusting our lives to some anonymous Slovenian Casey Jones, we set off through an underground railway tunnel in search of the fabled Karst Caves of Slovenia........

Chuckanut ridge: a stream (or watershed) of thought

Thoughts gathered, while walking on a winding forest trail.


Auld Dug

Huck the dog is getting old. Thirteen and a bit.


Back Pack

I need a new backpack but can't afford one.


P.A. System Thoughts

I often think that there must be a different PA system for every musician.


The News and Weather

I am currently working on a big mural for my wee son's bedroom.

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