A New CD

Lavender and Gasoline.

I guess I forgot to mention that I put out a new CD a while back. I think it was in September.

Well it's called Lavender and Gasoline and it's a fairly spooky affair.

Someone once asked me why I always left all the best bits off my CDs. I guess I wasn't sure how they'd be received but seeing as no one buys them anyway, it doesn't really matter.

nevertheless there's plenty of variety of subject matter on L and G to keep folks engaged.

Kitty Jasmine is about breadline musicians and the tragedy of many of their lifes throughout musical history. Sadly since I last wrote about the Musician's Graveyard a few years back, there have been a few more ashes scattered.

 Straw Hat is a fun song that refers to the mad outbreak of Irish bars across Europe. One guy opened one in his living room but got closed down a few days later.

Lavender and Gasoline is the story of US expansion and the situation of modern day Native Americans.

 Trash Can. Pretty much an accurate description of our world today. This is what we've turned our beautiful planet into in just a couple of centuries.

28 days. Use your imagination.

World Fall. Politics and human nature.

River Reach. Sooner or later we're all off to the seaside.

Cat's Eyes: Road song. This always reminds me of me and SJ hitching through the Alps one April evening. We were in a tiny town called Tour Du Pin heading East into a colossal storm. It was just getting too dark to see when an open back jeep pulled up and we piled in the back amongst piles of the drivers luggage. The freezing rain lashed us for about 2 hours through the mountains till he dropped us off drenched outside the Corbierre bar in Annecy just at closing time,

Jenny: My Good friend Jenny who put everything right in daylight and destroyed it in darkness.

 Volnay: Grape picking in France back in 96. It was a good year.

So there you have it. If you want to listen to some samples then just go to online. Unfortunately their samples are a bit random. They seem to have pulled parts from the middle of verses or half way through solos. Even I was left scratching my head and I wrote them.