A Package in the Post

Went down to the mail box this afternoon to clear out the junk mail. But lo and behold, there was a little brown package waiting for me.

My address was hand written and mailed from California. Hollywood California. My heart skipped a beat. I made a quick mental count of all the top record producers I knew who might be trying to get in touch with me. None. Excitement over.

Well I opened the package in the kitchen and out dropped 5 compilation CDs from Songsalive. They're a musicians organisation. I'd applied to be on this CD months and months ago and had completely forgotten about it.

Anyway, there was my name right there on the cover along with a whole bunch of other folks. Most of their songs were very catchy and poppy. Some lyrics even rhymed. I couldn't figure how one of my songs ever got on board. I'm not very catchy at all.

Well anyway, it was a great honour to be selected. Maybe they were short on musicians.

Thank you Songsalive.