Brief Scottish History Lesson

Brief Scottish History Lesson.

122 AD: The Picts, the original unwashed hordes, are running around the countryside, showing off their tattoos. The Romans, who do enjoy a nice bath, build a giant wall to keep them out of their neghbourhood.

1270: Birth of William Wallace, a famous Scottish knight.

1314: Robert the Bruce and his comically outnumbered army defeat the English at the Battle of Bannockburn. Good times.

1707: The Union of the Crowns. Dubious peace treaty is drawn up between Scotland and England.

1745: Jacobite Rebellion. Some kind of farcical attempt at an uprising involving a lot of people hiding on moors and jumping around in the dark ambushing one another.

1746: Battle of Culloden. The last battle fought between two armies on UK soil. Bad century for Scotland.

1759: Birth of Robert Burns. Scottish National Poet. What Willie Dixon did for the blues, Robert Burns did for Scottish folk music.

1978: Archie Gemmel scores wonder goal against Holland in the World Cup Finals.

1999: Scottish parliament meets for the first time in about 300 years. There's not much to catch up on.