Do the Neilston Quiz.

1. What is Neilston?

2. How many stations are there between Neilston and Glasgow?

3. Can you name them? (Not a yes or no question).

4. Where would you find The Silver Pool?

5. What song is considered to be the Neilston Anthem?

6. Where was the old Neilston library housed?

7. How much does a penny carmel cost?

8. How high is The Neilston Pad?

9. In which century was Neilston first mentioned?

10. What happens on the first Saturday in May?

11. Does the Levern Burn flow into the Killoch Burn or does the Killoch Burn flow into the Levern Burn?

12. What is the official name of "The Low Road"?

13. What is the name of Neilston Juniors' football ground?

14. How many pubs are there in Neilston? (Including pubs that were recently fire damaged).

15. What is the proper term for someone from Neilston? (Keep it clean).

16. Where is Russell's Brae?

17. Has a Lesser Spotted Wurkin Coonsilman ever been seen in Neilston?

18. When was the Crofthead Mill first established?

19. Netherkirkton. What was the building's previous function?

20. On what date does Christmas arrive in Neilston?

21. Which comes first; Christmas or New Year?

22. True or false.

Merry Christmas.

23. Where are the answers?