Earth Day

Here in the USA, people really do drive a lot. I had been told about this phenomenon before I moved here, but I always thought it was an exaggeration. Now since I moved here, I see how true it is.

With oil prices going bananas, you'd think folks would ditch their cars. But no, it appears not. They just delve deeper into their pockets.

I was raving to myself the other day and wondering what would happen if people could buy car insurance on a one day at a time basis. If drivers were able to insure their cars for individual days instead of on a yearly or six month basis, would this encourage them to drive less?

Obviously many people need their cars every day, but some don't. If people could insure their car once a week for 24 hours and do all their errands, perhaps they couldn't be tempted to drive again all week. Could this approach help cut down on nasty emissions, help save money, and force people to get a little more exercise too?

Of course people could maybe choose how many days of the year they wish to be insured for. It need not be one day. Drivers might buy cards with any number of insured days written on it. The dates could be left open for flexibility. Naturally, insurance companies would have to be reasonable with pricing. Drivers might grow to realize that they can survive without their cars a lot more than they thought possible.

Even if this idea is rubbish, maybe it's on the right tracks. It discourages people from driving without hurting them. In this poluted day and age, all ideas should be considered.

Just raving.

Happy Earth Day.