Economic Crisis. Take 1

As America weeps in her beer over the loss of the entire country's life savings, how can the average citizen still have any trust in the system that gives them nothing?

Actually to be fair, the system does offer a degree of stability but at the price of enduring an equal measure of stagnation.

America's two party political system is the equivelant of a tug o war in a phone box. Neither side is really going anywhere. But right now that stability is in trouble.

 There is a fundamental reason behind the lack of free public health care. The simple fact is that the government does not want it. They patronize the public by discussing it a lot but I think it doesn't take 40 years of debate to decide if it's good or bad. That's just how long I've been hearing it.

To the American psyche, a national health care system has an aura of communism to it. Heaven forbid that you get cured by a communist. As we all know these days, there are those amongst us who are bigger than the government. These corporations, whether crooks or not, couldn't they just fund the damn health care thing then go back to their thinly disguised lifes of crime. Think on it as a felony tax.

The United States of America fights a war on two fronts at the moment. There's one in Iraq and the temporarily forgotten war on drugs. It cannot afford either and it's losing both.

Why is America always at war? I hate to be controversial but I wonder if soft drugs were legalized and the US police force focused its resources on chasing "real " criminals, then the money saved and the profits made by selling and taxing US cultivated Marijuana would have the economy bailed out in no time. The time has come to turn what has been an enormous drainage of wasted energy into a sudden U-turn profit. Judging by the amount of grass seized regularly at the Canadian border, there is unquestionably a market for the stuff. Talk about an economic stimulus? The soft drug trade must be worth millions if not billions of dollars. It is a huge industry. Every week there is a news story of a huge shipment intercepted at the border. Somebody out there is making a huge profit. I hear there's big money selling hockey bags too.

Of course you can already hear the far right conservatives moaning and mongering about Obama. He's the first coloured president, only a month into his presidency and he's legalized grass. What next? Sex education? Not to worry. Those extreme right wing people are unpleasable anyway. They live to gripe.

 Anyway… all I'm saying is that with proper regulation and common sense, America could market this commodity and pay its debts. Of course it'll never happen but it's intriguing to contemplate. If we can't trust the government to rule the people with honesty, can we trust them to be drug dealers? If the idea doesn't work out, well at least it was fun trying.

Please don't mistake this writing as just another pro legalise weed rant. Think about it at least, because whether you smoke it or not, Grass may be Wall Street's salvation or it may be just another pipe dream.

While we're on about ideas… I hear that food is becoming more expensive because farmers have taken to growing bio fuel crops instead of edible food. Couldn't bio fuel crops be grown in long straight lines along the verges of highways? This land is often unused anyway.

While we're still raving on that subject, couldn't garages and warehouses and tyre shops be located on bridge like structures built over the highways. This would help with sprawl. Put car related stuff where the cars are. It would save gas too. Didn't we talk about that last idea before?

Just thoughts.