Lip Reading History.

There must be so much silent historical film footage of political rallys, sports events, factory strikes and warfare and the likes, scattered about the world.

I always imagine that it must be possible to zoom in on individuals lurking in a long since dispersed crowd and lip read what they are actually saying or hear their personal opinions on whatever was at stake.

Surely there must have been one German at the Nurnberg rallys who thought that Hitler was a plonker.

This lip reading of history sounds like an invaluable untapped historical resource.

Big problem was that everybody spoke in black and white back then (and fast too).

Historical lipreading could possibly be as useful as DNA in a murder, catching whispered confessions on the silent screen. Too late to proscecute but it could provide closure to the case.

What about all that old footage of immigrants arriving at New York Harbour. They must have had something interesting to say.

Could make for some interesting TV.

 I just thought I'd mention that.