Popes, Dictators and Mozart.


A few days ago we drove up to a little town called Marktl. It's about 10km north of here (Burghausen). The present day Pope was born there.  A couple of kms further on we came to the town of Braunau. Hitler was born there.

Isn't that a strange historical/geographical coincidence.

The Pope's house is doing fine but Hitler's was apparently flattened and squashed out of existence by the Allies. 

I wonder if either person still has relatives in the area. Maybe they're even related to one another.

Now if that doesn't start a nasty debate then what will? 

Apparantly Napoleon passed through these parts too. I think he referred to Burghausen as the town in the hole or something to that effect.

A few other interesting people hail from this neighbourhood. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart for one. Musical genious and child prodigy was born in Salzburg which is about 55 kms South from here. We visited his house around Christmas last year. He wasn't home. Someone said he was dead. l guess he was actually born in 1756 so he was well past his sell by date. His big hit of course was Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

Two other notables from around here collaborated on a tune that everyone knows though the authors themselves are fairly anonymous.

Franz Xaver Gruber and Joseph Mohr wrote the Christmas carol "Silent Night". Mohr the lyricist was born in Salzburg in 1792. Gruber the musician was born in 1787 in the village of Hochburg which is just a few Kms from here in Austria.

His house still stands. Or at least a renovated version of it still exists in Hochburg. We cycled past it recently. It was very quiet. 

 PS.I heard a story recently about Hitler's house. It was in the local news. Something about the new renters. So I guess the allies didn't destroy the house or maybe it got rebuilt or perhaps Mr Hitler had 2 houses. I don't know. We live in an age of disinformation.

Bottom line? Do I look worried?