Recording Progress

My newest CD is waiting for a few last tracks to be mixed down.

 There was a delay over a piece of software but that hitch is almost ironed out.

Then again, I've been saying that for months now.

 Meanwhile The Muddy Boots CD is progressing slowly and ...well...slowly.

Tree did his drums a few months back. Donald done his bass lines, mostly all in one sitting.

Last week, I done half my vocals. Last night, out in the cabin, we were recording till after 2AM. During that six hour session, I done the rest of the vocals and most of my guitar parts.

Charlie has been patiently manning the studio as we record our tracks but he's also working on his lead parts too. Soon it will be time for icing the cake. Maybe we'll throw in some mandolin and other bits and pieces. We'll have to have a think about it for a while. So far, I'd say it's quite a solid body of work. It's taken a few unexpected twists and now it's beginning to form a shape of its own.

I guess that's the fun of recording with other musicians: you never know what they're going to add to the mix.