We live in a paradise. We just can’t see it.


We have a beautiful planet.

We have culture.

We have medicine.

We have food.

But……we got a bunch of bad stuff too. (in case you hadn’t noticed).

Just about every problem on Earth is human related.

Do I imagine it or are there are far far far too many of us. I think we need to cut down on how many babies we have.

Think on population as a living entity. Think on kids as calories. If the entity absorbs more calories than it needs, it will grow fat. If it absorbs slightly less calories than it needs then it will gradually lose weight.

So if you plan to have 4 kids, why not just have 3 or 2 or 1 or none.

What about no babies for a year? That’s not such a hardship.

In fact imagine no baby making for a day. Even that would make a difference at this stage.


Less people means we’d use less resources. Yes we really are eating up this poor exhausted planet.(in case you didn’t notice).

Here's a thought. I wonder if a line of towns around a country synchronized a power shut down each for 30 seconds for a one hour period, how much energy would be saved. Imagine that happening world-wide on a permanent 24 hour rotating basis. We don't all have to be on alert all day.

Less people means we use up less space. This would provide more natural habitat for the Earth to recover. She is very ill. (In case you didn’t notice).

Less people means less poverty, less disease, more food, less famine, no unemployment. That's got to be good.

We are living a paradise. Well maybe not. But it’s at our fingertips.


The Curiosity Mars Explorer landed on Mars a few days ago. It was unmanned. It sent back some postcards but had nothing to say.

When a spaceship touched down on the moon back in the 60s, a man stepped out and announced it was a giant step for mankind. He was probably right but he just dumped his garbage and flew home. His giant step then was nothing when compared to the first true steps than we now have to take to save planet earth.

For so long now I feel we’ve been watching the death of this planet. I think it’s time to admit that there is a cure and it’s very simple. Not rocket science as it were. You’d think that the Earth had requested Euthanasia by the way we stand by watching her keel over.

I want to experience the relief we feel when a loved one has recovered from sickness and the doctor tells you they will live for a long, long time. Imagine a healthy thriving planet, teaming with a bio diversity unseen in 300 years: ready to be explored anew and forever. It’s not a dream. It was here before. It’s here now but it needs help and a little sacrifice. We are only stopping ourselves from letting nature do what she does naturally.

I’m sick of the death bed vigil. It’s time we helped Mother Earth to her feet and let in some fresh air.

I guess we have been the poison. Are we the serum?