Spooky and Fun

Fun is a word that appears a lot in these pages. Don't be alarmed. You can't have too much fun.

Spooky and fun. That seems to be the objective and criteria by which I judge gigs these days.

My music seems to be getting creepier all the time. Soon people will be too scared to show up.

What lies beyond spooky? Terrifying? blood curdling? Chilling? There is a thin line between creating an ambient atmosphere and freaking people out. Are we talking mild slightly salted chedder or an over ripe aging camembert that's been left drooling in the sun?

Fun though is fun. Harmless fun being top of the fun genres whilst sadistic fun lurks at the bottom of the heap. To be playing spooky music in a rock n roll band and see people enjoying themselves is one of the top funs. Especially when you get paid for it. Though paid fun would be categorized under rare species.

In the big picture, earning a living from music isn't about fame and fortune, it's about creativity and freedom and living in the moment while making ends meet. Poverty is often one of the side effects of doing something you love. I've heard it said that if you are doing the job you love then you'll never work a day in your life. Hmmm, that might explain the low income. But if you find yourself involved in an activity that's spooky but not fun, you should stop immediately and retrace your foot prints until you find where you digressed. Mixing spookiness and fun and wages is quite a juggling act but juggling is fun too.

How do you kill a clown? Go for the juggler.