The Downtown Area Open Mic Night. Bellingham.

In Bellingham there are regular open mic events almost on a daily basis.

 I think there's one at the Green Frog on a Sunday. On Mondays there's one in Fairhaven. The Three Trees Cafe has one on a Tuesday. The Buffalo recently switched its open mic from Wednesday to Tuesday (I think). I was wondering if it might be a good idea for bars to work together to agree on a certain night a month where all the open mics would be all over the Downtown and Fairhaven. Kind of like the monthly Gallery Walk. An Open Mic Festival. I imagine it could be a big night.

There are plenty of venues. Musicians could sign up all over town and play short sets in half a dozen bars throughout the evening. They'd have to pick up a dance card schedule (in advance) of the venues and time slots then fill in a copy for the bar and one for themselves.With all these people coming and going, there might even be a good buzz in the Downtown.

Why not combine the open mic evening with the Gallery Walk?

 I'm just thinking out loud. Trying to be helpful. Happy New Year.

Talking of ideas. What's so bad about a 20mph in town speed limit for New Years Eve to help cut down on drunk driving accidents? For sober drivers in haste and aiming for the highway, all they'd have to do is be breathilised by the friendly cop waiting at the ramp as they enter and exit.

I bet there's plenty of room for arguments with that idea. Some will say it will encourage people to drink because they're confident that they can drive at 20mph, drunk or sober. Perhaps it would be too expensive to enforce. Maybe it's a crap idea but sometimes via some discussion a better idea emerges from a bad start.

Install a setting in cars that make it impossible to exceed 20mph.