Washtub News

It feels like I've just about finished putting together a new CD.

I'd been recording a lot of hap-hazard songs for a long time, but I couldn't quite find the thread that connected them. Some of it was very electric and rocky.

Pat from the Rustix came over and played some drums on some songs but I always sensed that stuff was for a later project.

It was after I recorded the song, "Shannon", that I finally knew where this album's direction was going. In fact it was only then that I understood that I was actually working on a project at all. I'd given "Shannon", a very basic arrangement and it seemed to work. It was the first song in a long time that I'd felt excited about.

I decided to continue with this minimalistic approach and make a whole Cd using washtub bass and various other home made impliments. I had a 3 string stick banjo and the 42 dollar junk shop guitar, some shakers, a dented symbol on a broken high hat stand and a few other oddities lying around. I realised I was doing a return trip to ,"Crawling Out the Woodwork", but it felt right. It felt a little bit Neilstonish too. I don't think that this is a step backwards. If anything, this CD highlights a maturity over the years.

Obviously I still have the same recording equipment which isn't fancy. Some of the songs are old but there are a few newer ones. It is a simple album. Humble, honest and a bit spontanious. People often think about washtubs and envision some kind of hill billy Deliverence hoot-nanny music. But this isn't that kind of CD. It's spookier and a little dark. Anyway, I thought I'd share that with whoever's out there. As yet, it has no title or official cover.