Whiskey in the Jar

If any tune was up for the Buskers National Anthem award, surely it must be Whiskey in the Jar.

If you're experiencing a hard day busking at the office, and nothing is going right: grannies aren't biting, shop keepers are complaining, guitar case is empty. When all has failed, it's time for the busker's secret weapon. whiskey in the jar. You roll up your sleeves, take a deep breathe and 6 or 7 verses later you're in the pub having a beer.

Whiskey in the Jar is a fine song but having said that, I must say I don't really enjoy playing it much. It's one of those songs that have been played to death. The mere suggestion of playing it in busking circles illicits groans and threats. I can picture a busker in confession and the priest is giving him penance. " Sing 3 Whiskey in the Jars and a Wild rover". I can then see the sobbing busker groveling in the dirt. "No Father. Not that. anything but that. I'll join a monastery. I'll give up something. "

I wonder who actually wrote it? Did he know what he was starting?