Oct 25 2014

Either I'm not much of a newsman or not much happens around here.

I've spent the last 7 months busking the Bellingham farmers' Market every Saturday.

That has been a lot of fun. I met a lot of generous and interesting people and relearned a whole bunch of songs I'd forgotten. The market goes on till Christmas but I think by next month it may not be buskable due to weather and the gradual disappearance of vendors. Soon it'll be just me in a car park.


Feb 14 2014

What's the news? well not much.

My old studio seems to have gone and died. I can live with that I guess. After all it was about 12 years old and past its prime. I recorded about 10 CDs with it. The worst part though was that I was right in the middle of making a new CD when it died. I'd recorded about 8 songs which for the time being are now lost.

Good news though is that I have gotten me a new machine. Well it's second hand but works. At the moment I've recorded 3 songs and I'm slowly getting the hang of the new recording process.

That's the news.


August 29 2013

Well our Burghausen Krankenhaus Art Expo is over. I guess it was a success. I didn't hear any complaints.

It seems that our big mural that consisted of 21 pictures was sold for about 3000 Euros. Details are vague but I understand that a local bank bought it. The proceeds will go to a hospice charity that provides care and shelter for poor people who are terminally ill. A good cause. I feel humbled to have been able to help out.


July 16 2013

We are currently packing up to leave Burghausen. So I think in the next week or two I will be taking down my pictures from the krankenhaus expo. For any art critics out there, last chance to take a peek. The rest of the expo will continue despite my absence (I know. Hard to believe eh?)

The gig in the Harp in Regensburg is still on for July 26th. Maybe see you there.


July 3rd 2013

News Update

Well at the moment the local art group I attend in Burghausen is still having an exhibition in the Krankenhaus. 

For readers just joining us.....  We did one big piece together comprising of 21 pictures. We each did 3 and hung them all in a big rectangular mural.

We also have a bunch of individual paintings on display. All in all, about 40 pictures plus the mural.

If you feel like checking it all out just head on down to the Krankenhaus.

Entry is free. Cheaper still if you're ill. It will probably run for a few more weeks.


One more item....

Looks like Me, Peter, Roman and Thomas will play the Irish Harp in Regensburg on July 26th. It promises to be a fun evening. This is the closest thing to an Izzy Skint reunion there's ever likely to be.


One last thing.....  Some sleeve notes for Cave Paintings are now up on the, "In Perspective" page




June24 2013


Well what's the news? Let's see...

An interview with magician Tim Dowd is up on backwater Ripples.

Half of my reverbnation sales still go to Charity: Water.

I've put up a few more doodles on the Sketchpad page.

And I currently have some paintings on display at the exhibition at the Krankenhaus Burghausen.

Three of the pictures are part of a large mural made up of about 15 paintings. It was a real privelege to be involved.

The exhibition probably runs for a few more weeks.

Well that's the news.

One last thing.... I may be playing one last gig up in the Harp in Regensburg. July 26th I think. 



May 1st

Signal Man's leap available now at cdbaby online 



April 12 2013

Fifty percent of  proceeds from sales of my songs on reverbnation now go to Charity Water. If you feel like helping with getting clean water to those who need it most, then simply download a song. It's that easy.

For more details go to reverbnation online. 

I'm glad that my music can be put to good use out there.



April 15 2013

Interview with multi instrumentalist and generally talented guy, Kevin Crow is now up on Backwater Ripples.



March 1st 2013

New Cd the Signalman's Leap is now officially available online from cdbaby.

Extended sleeve notes available on this site. 



The Signal Man's leap


January 2013. My new CD is finally out and about. So far it's NOT available from So you'll have to drop me a line and a cheque if you want one. Cost? Anything over 12 Euros will do.